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Delicious and savory starters to complement your beer tasting experience.

Cretan Myzithra 0 0
Oven Slice 0 0
Variety of Cold Meats 0 0
Cheese Variety 0 0
Bruschetta 0 0
Vegetable Firecrackers 0 0
Mushrooms 0 0
Zucchini with Thyme 0 0
Dumplings 0 0
Cabbage Dumplings 0 0

Our appetizer selection offers a variety of delicious starters to enhance your visit to Barbantonis Brewery. From traditional Cretan Myzithra cheese to flavorful bruschettas and vegetable firecrackers, our appetizers are crafted to satisfy every palate. Indulge in the rich tastes and textures of cheese and meat varieties, oven slices, mushrooms, zucchini with thyme, dumplings, and cabbage dumplings, setting the perfect stage for the main course or as a delightful accompaniment to our range of craft beers.

starters savory beer pairing traditional delicious

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