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Main Dishes

A delicious and diverse selection of main courses including local Greek favorites and international classics.

Moussaka 0 0
Breaded Chicken Fillet 0 0
Sausage 0 0
Hot Dog 0 0
Hamburger 0 0
Vegetable Hamburger 0 0
Beef Burger 0 0
Adana Kebab 0 0
Pancetta 0 0
Chicken Skewers 0 0
Pork Skewers 0 0
Spetzofai 0 0
Meat Ball Recipe from Smyrna 0 0
Calves Steak 0 0
Pork Steak 0 0

Enjoy a satisfying meal from our Main Dishes category, featuring local Greek favorites such as Moussaka and Spetzofai alongside international classics like Hamburger and Breaded Chicken Fillet. Each dish is prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients to provide the ultimate culinary experience, perfect for pairing with our renowned craft beers. Whether you prefer traditional flavors or are eager to try something new, our menu caters to every palate.

main dishes greek cuisine international cuisine craft beer pairing fresh ingredients

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