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Dunkel Weiss 0,330ml

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Dunkel Weiss 0,330ml 0 0

Our signature Dunkel Weiss is a dark wheat beer with rich flavors and hints of caramel, perfect for beer enthusiasts. Available in 330ml bottles.

Tags: beer craft beer dunkel weiss local beer barbantonis brewery

Allergens: gluten

Ingredients: water barley malt wheat hops yeast

The Dunkel Weiss 0,330ml is one of our prideful creations at the Barbantonis Brewery. Brewed using traditional methods, this dark wheat beer boasts an intricate balance of malt and hops, giving it unique flavors of caramel and mild spices. Its robust character pairs excellently with barbeque dishes and hearty meals. Come take a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities and sample this exceptional brew as part of our own barrel production beers category.

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