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Soft drinks

Refresh yourself with our variety of soft drinks, perfect for any occasion.

Orange soda 0 0
Lemon soda 0 0
Lemonade 0 0
Coca Cola 0 0
Ice Tea 0 0
Sparkling water 0,33ml 0 0
Sparkling water 0,50ml 0 0
Mineral Water 0.50ml 0 0
Mineral water 1.00l 0 0
Mineral Water 1.5L 0 0

Our selection of soft drinks includes a variety of classic favorites and refreshing options like Orange soda, Lemon soda, Lemonade, Coca Cola, Ice Tea, and both sparkling and mineral water in different sizes. Ideal to complement your visit and enhance your beer experience at Barbantonis Brewery.

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